Plant List


The Primrose Path has been a leading source of new heuchera, heucherella, and tiarella hybrids. These popular new garden plants are being eagerly sought by the public. Our plants have been bred using species of the Appalachians that are extremely hardy. Our customers report that our plants show superior winter survival when overwintered outside in containers.

These plants have tremendous sales potential because they have these advantages:
•  They have evergreen foliage and are attractive year round. Most perennials have little appeal when they are not in bloom or die down to the ground during the cold months.
•   They are in bloom in mid spring, when most gardeners shop for perennials.
•   Wild heucheras and tiarellas are native plants. Discriminating gardeners are seeking out native plants and selections and hybrids made from them because of their adaptability to growing conditions in the US.
•   Many cultivars are new to the market. Finished plants of these forms will bring premium prices.

HEUCHERAS are adaptable to sun or shade, although most forms do best in partial shade. The plants form a mound of evergreen foliage. The new hybrids have amazingly colorful leaves, patterned in shades of metallic silver and bronze-purple. The best forms combine brightly patterned leaves with showy spikes of small bell flowers in pink and white. They are attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. Our hybrid cultivars include species native to extreme habitats in the mountains of the eastern US and have been found to have dependable winter survival in nursery pots.

TIARELLAS have been bred and selected for foliage that is often deeply cut and attractively marked with maroon. They have showy spikes of small lacy flowers in white or pink. The best new cultivars combine fantastic leaf shapes with abundant flowers and extended bloom times. These are vigorous plants for problem shade gardens.

HEUCHERELLAS are hybrids between heuchera and tiarella and do best in shaded gardens. They often combine the foliage traits of both parents and have intermediate flowers in late spring.

PHLOX are prime attractors of showy butterflies and sphinx moths. Our cultivars bloom at a time when the spring varieties have finished and the summer border forms have not yet started.

We promote the Primrose Path line of plants through our book and articles and our website and by contribution of plants to public trial and display gardens, advertising, and personal networking. Plants that are being marketed by our agents and producers are actively promoted at trade shows and on the web.