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In mid July 2011 we went to the North Carolina Blue Ridge to see Phlox carolina in the Pink Beds just north of Brevard. This habitat is described in Jim Locklear's book. We drove the Blue Ridge Parkway starting at Asheville and began seeing Phlox carolina at the Beaver Dam Gap Overlook at mile 401.9. The plants were scattered clumps on the well drained banks above the road at the margin of the woods. P. carolina was frequent along the road as far as we explored, which was Looking Glass Rock Overlook at mile 417. The best site was at mile 409.6, where there was a large population at the entrance to the Frying Pan Mountain fire tower road at about 4950ft in elevation. Here the plants were growing in poor gravelly soil along with Helianthus, Rudbeckia, Solidago, and Pycnanthemum

At about mile 410 we turned south on NC state 276, which leads to the entrance to the Pink Beds picnic area and hiking trails. There was occasional P. carolina along route 276, but we did not find any at all in the Pink Beds. Most of the area is acid wet forest with many interesting plants, but probably not suitable for P. carolina. The drier open meadow communities mentioned by Locklear are managed for wildlife (ie.deer) browse and any phlox that may have been present are probably now gone.


Phlox carolina at Frying Pan Mountain

Phlox carolina at Frying Pan MountainPhlox carolina at Frying Pan Mountain
Phlox carolina at Wagon GapPhlox carolina at jct 276 and Blue Ridge Pkwy
Phlox carolinaPhlox carolina inflorescence


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