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'Purple Mountain Majesty' (PP#16,405) – This is one of our new favorites. It has compact purple foliage with a light silver pattern and very large, almost globular white flowers on erect 18-24” stems in spring. ‘Purple Mountain Majesty’ has been more sun-tolerant for us than most heucheras over the past couple of summers. FP

Best for perennial border and raised bed use.

'Quilters' Joy' - Crisply defined silver markings on a bronze background make this selection look like patchwork. 'Quilters' Joy' has white flowers on 18-24” stems in late spring. We suggest combining this with Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red'. 'Quilters' Joy was given an Award of Garden Merit in 2002 in the RHS Wisley trials.

Best for perennial border use.

'Raspberry Chiffon' (PPAF) - Large pale pink flowers on 18-24" stems and slightly ruffled, silver-marked red-purple leaves make a winning combination in this new introduction. This plant is a considerable advance over earlier cultivars in flower size and shape. FP

Best for perennial border use.


'Raspberry Ice' (PP#13,340) - This sister of 'Silver Scrolls' has relatively large pink flowers in late spring on 24” stems and beautifully marked silver and burgundy foliage. When well grown, plants become quite large. One at the Blooms Trial Garden in southeastern Pennsylvania was at least 2 ft across in its third year. As a plant in the Blooms Program, this receives extra sales promotion from them. This was one of the six plants chosen by Allan Armitage from the University of Georgia 2004 perennial trials to receive a "Classic City Award." 'Raspberry Ice' is markted by Must Have Perennials. FP

Best for perennial border use.

’Rose Mirrors’ (PP#13,140) - This introduction has very dark purple leaves with a central area of silver. The showy medium pink flowers are borne on 18” stems. FP

Best for perennial border and raised bed use.

'Royal Velvet' (PP#16,335) – 'Royal Velvet' has rich dark purple and silver leaves that are softly fuzzy and slightly ruffled and frilled. In spring the plant has an abundance of white flowers on erect 18” stems. This a very unusual and interesting looking heuchera. FP

Best for border and raised bed use.

'Shenandoah Mountain' (PP#15,357) - This cultivar is distinguished by its large size and vigor. The creamy white flowers and purple buds on leafy stems make a dense 30” display in late spring; the foliage is well silvered purple-bronze. 'Shenandoah Mountain' is a middle of the border perennial at its best in light shade. FP
Silver Light’ (PP#15,067) - “Silverissimo” could be another name for this selection. The highly metallic foliage seems to bring light to shaded parts of the garden. ‘Silver Light’ has showy, frilly, light pink flowers to about 18” in late spring. FP

Excellent for container and raised bed use.

’Silver Lode’ (PP#13,339) - Another sibling of ‘Silver Scrolls,’ this is a tall variety with white flowers to 36” over foliage that is totally matte silvered. The foliage reverse is burgundy in color. This is a Blooms Selection and receives the benefit of their promotion. Photo courtesy Blooms. FP

Best for border use.

'Silver Scrolls' (PP#12,066) – We consider this extraordinary hybrid to be one of our very best introductions. The rounded leaves are metallic silver marked with a scrollwork of dark veining. It has showy, erect wands of white flowers tinged with pink in spring to 24 inches and grows vigorously to form impressive clumps after a single season. In shade the foliage of 'Silver Scrolls' brightens the garden, and it remains attractive through the fall and winter while many other perennials have retreated underground. 'Silver Scrolls' won a Bronze Medal at Plantarium 2000 in Holland. FP

Best for border use.

Heuchera 'Stainless Steel' 'Stainless Steel' (PP#23,349) - One parent of this striking heuchera is an unusual wild-type H. pubescens from seed from eastern West Virginia. This parent gives it totally metallic foliage and great vigor and drought-resistance. It has relatively large white flowers in late spring on 24" stems. This plant is marketed by Plants Nouveau. FP

Best for perennial border use.
'Steel City' This is an extra-vigorous selection that is a hybrid of our classic 'Regina' with our H. villosa 'Bronze Wave.' 'Steel City' has steely-silver foliage and small pink flowers to about 30". It has proved a better survivor than any other heuchera we have grown – a friend has said "When the other ones die, put 'Steel City' in the holes." The even foliage coloration, airy inflorescences, and vigor of this cultivar make it especially suited for large landscape plantings, perhaps combined with hostas and ferns. This plant is marketed by Must Have Perennials. FP

Best for perennial borders and mass plantings.

villosa f. purpurea ‘Bronze Wave’ - This dark-leaved form is the largest of the heucheras we grow. The wavy-margined hairy leaves are 6 to 8” across and make a clump about 24” across and 18” high. 24” wands of pinkish-white flowers are produced from mid to late summer. The plants we offer are a clone selected for vigor, habit, leaf shape, and retention of good foliage color through the season. 'Bronze Wave' is available from North Creek Nurseries.

Best for perennial border and naturalizing.


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