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Heuchera 'Silver Lode' (PP #13,339) is a tall, graceful sibling of H. 'Silver Scrolls.' 

Growth Habit - The foliage forms a loose mound about  10" high X 18" wide. The erect flower stems reach about 28".

Foliage - The leaves are rounded and about 3.4" across. The upper side is matte silver marked with darker veining. The underside is dark red-purple.

- White from dark pink buds and borne in narrow panicles on erect, handsomely contrasting purple stems in late spring.

Special Features - Heucheras of this growth habit are used most effectively in drifts of five or more plants far enough back in the open garden not to look out of place when in bloom, but enough toward the front that the foliage is easily visible.

'Silver Lode' is a Bloom's Variety and receives their marketing promotion.

Heuchera 'Silver Lode'

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