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Heuchera 'Raspberry Chiffon' (PPAF) is a 2008 Blooms of Bressingham introduction. This selection is from a large group of hybrids we made from 'Silver Scrolls' stock crossed with the tough eastern native, Heuchera pubescens. Heuchera 'Moonlight' came out of this group, too.

Growth Habit
- A mound about 10" high X 14" wide. The flower stems rise to about 24".

Foliage - The
triangular, ruffled leaves are red-purple (much darker than the photo to right and similar to the photo below right) and prominently marked with silver. The undersides of the leaves are dark red-purple.

Flowers - Relatively large and pale pink from dark pink buds. Bloom time is May into June.

Special Features - 'Raspberry Chiffon' has the drought and cold hardiness of Heuchera pubescens.
 Heuchera 'Raspberry Chiffon'
 Heuchera 'Raspberry Chiffon' flowers
 Heuchera 'Raspberry Chiffon' in a trial bed


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