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'Dark Chocolate' (PPAF) is a new introduction that combines very dark foliage with very large, showy flowers.

Growth Habit -
A dense, compact mound about 8" high by 12" wide. Erect flower stems to about 18".

- The leaves are slightly ruffled and very dark purple-bronze with silver markings. The color does not fade through the season. The leaves are dark red-purple on the underside.

- Large and light pink from dark pink buds. Bloom time is late May into June.

Special Features
- The foliage stays dark purple-bronze through the summer. The flowers are the largest of any heuchera cultivar we have seen.

Plants Nouveau is the marketing agent for Heuchera 'Dark Chocolate' and is promoting the plant at conventions and through its website.
Heuchera 'Dark Chocolate' 
 Heuchera 'Dark Chocolate'  Heuchera 'Dark Chocolate' flowers


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