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Heuchera 'Petite Marbled Burgundy' The Petite Heuchera are a group of hybrids that combine the small size of the western alpine wild species with flower and foliage coloration of the larger garden hybrids. Although the alpine species (Heuchera pulchella and H. hallii) that are ancestors of the Petites are plants of cliffs and rocky slopes, the Petites thrive in eastern gardens when given good drainage and bright light but not burning sun. Two of the best of the Petite Heuchera are 'Petite Pearl Fairy' (PP#11,058) (below) and 'Petite Marbled Burgundy' (PP#11,059) (left). Both of these have clumps of small, lobed bronze leaves dappled with silver. In mid to late spring they have showy pink flowers on 10 to 14" stems.
Growth habit of the Petites depends to large degree on soil conditions. If they are grown in lean rocky soil like that used for alpine plants in rock gardens, they will be smaller and look more like wild plants (right). In rich garden soil with lots of nitrogen, they will make larger and denser clumps of foliage, with a great abundance of flowers (far right). The Petites can be used as rock garden plants, as front of the border plants, and as container plants. They maintain attractive foliage the year round, looking good even in the middle of winter.
Heuchera 'Petite Pearl Fairy' in scree Heuchera 'Petite Pearl Fairy' in rich garden soil
Heuchea 'Petite Marbled Burgundy' Like many plants of alpine growth habit, the Petites have flowers that are larger in proportion to the size of the plant than in related plants of non-alpine size. 'Petite Marbled Burgundy' and 'Petite Pearl Fairy' are very showy choices for container planting, and they look especially attractive in pots on retail benches.


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